September 10, 2010

Our New Location

Donations are accepted 10am - 5pm daily.

After June 1st, 2010 you can find us at:

6709 E. 75th Street
Overland Park, KS 66212

One half block east of CVS Pharmacy on the corner of 75th street and Metcalf on the southeast side. Look for a small strip mall with O'Riley Auto Parts and Fritzs Chili.

To donate we need usable items such as gently used clothes, of all types and sizes, shoes of all kinds, accessories such as purses, jewelry, cosmetics, baby items, children's toys, housewares, bedding, curtains, glassware, small furniture, beds, appliances rugs, tools of all kinds, kitchenware, decorative items, electronics and cell phones.

Thank you for partnering with us to help families find a life free from violence.

The Sad And Scary Motivations Behind Domestic Violence

Battered women, battered children - they are the usual victims of domestic violence. Why does this kind of violence occur in a home?

One great contributor is the masculine figure concept. Even in our egalitarian society where advocates of equality between men and women abounds, the concept of considering men as over women still has residue in the subconscious mind of the men. They will always try to believe that they can do more and they are supposed to be respected at served by their wife and children. It is also due to this feeling of superiority that violent tendencies will arise if the man cannot support the family financially. Their pride will be hurt and they will convert such feeling into becoming violent to "restore" their throne.

There are also instances where the motivation behind these violence is to end the marriage. It is a way to let the other person know that it is not worth living together.

Whatever is the motivation behind domestic violence, it is never enough justification to beat someone repeatedly. If a spouse committed a certain kind of mistake, this may be taken charge of by talking it over. If that mistake requires some legal implication then go to the courts fro redress of grievances. There are always peaceful ways to settle some differences in the home instead of resorting to violence.

Bear in mind that this is the person that you have sworn to love and to cherish. This is the person that you have exchanged eternal vows with before the attending guests during that momentous event. This person is not your enemy. If he or she did turn to be an enemy just like in cases of deception and betrayal, there are laws that could take care of it. If this person's efforts and positive traits is overwhelmingly outweighed by what he or she did, then at least, consider the children that the two of you have raised. That would be enough to stop you from doing another violent act. If you do not respect this person that you have sworn to spent the rest of your life with, then respect the children who will suffer the most psychologically seeing you beating their mother or their father. The trauma that you will be creating will be leaving a scar that will be there forever.

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